The User Is Drunk

Great video, but I was hanging out to be told the best way to design for users is to be drunk yourself. Thanks, @davempalmer for the link!


Design is design

A conversation with a long-standing, well-known, old-school designer about how design is design, regardless of medium.

My favourite quotes:

“Yes, web designers work like print designers. They look at the issue, they look at the client, they look at the brief, the circumstances, the user – they don’t have to keep looking at the technology anymore. But ultimately, we always had our constraints. I had to cut paper. With glue, for christ’s sakes.”

“If you design a typeface, it’s very much like writing a pop song. You can’t stop anybody singing it in their bathroom out of tune.”

Thanks, @dos4gw for the link!

Why you shouldn’t create a viral (and what happens when you try)

When a viral happens authentically, you know you’ve earned some pretty sweet social brownie points. But setting out to “make a viral” deliberately most often gives you the opposite of that.

From Why You Shouldn’t Create a Viral Video:

It’s unoriginal
Even wildly successful viral videos, like the “Old Spice Guy” or “Kony 2012″ have seen lackluster results in follow-up videos attempting the same success. So, instead of trying to think about how you can create the next copy-cat video, spend some time thinking about how you can leverage the next big thing, rather than the last big thing.

It’s impossible to predict
Given our sometimes irrational and fickle human nature, some things resonate with us and some things don’t. No matter what your brand benefits are, or how many funny, shocking or awe-inspiring clips you include in your video, there’s no way to really know whether your video will be shared on a viral scale.

It’s ineffective
Think about the last viral video you watched. How many views did it have? More importantly, do you know the name of its creator? Did you visit a website or buy anything as a result of viewing the viral video? Chances are that you enjoyed the video, perhaps shared it with some friends and then went on with your everyday business.

And what happens when you try:

That said, we’re 3 years on from when that video was made. The world is more aware of how cringe-worthy a deliberate viral can get. Now could be the golden era for these guys…


Augmented reality IKEA catalogue

The 2013 IKEA paper catalogue will be complemented by an iOS app for interactive, AR goodness.

Sounds like fun, huh? No word on anything for us Android users. If you’ve got an iPhone or iPad, please let us know what you think when the app and book come out. 😀

via IKEA Hackers

Inattention blindness – or “not seeing wtf is going on”

‘Inattention blindness’ is the user’s inability to see wtf is going on right in front of them.

It’s not because users are stupid, it’s more we get distracted and lose the ability to sense change around us.

Take this test and see for yourself –

You may have seen it before – in which case, hold off on the responses so first-timers can count without bias. 😉