Funny farm + clever logos

Funny Farm is a word association + lateral thinking puzzle game. Guess words, unlock tiles on the map. Collaboration is so recommended, you can even save your game and share/merge it with others’.

It’s done the rounds a couple times over the years, so if you gave up back then, here’s your second chance at being amazing. We played this at the last Design meeting – even with our party of 10, we didn’t get very far.

This kind of exercise can be a good workout for creativity. Logo design, for example, sometimes calls for wordplay or word association. Of course, then you have to translate it to visuals, which is another skillset entirely, but it helps if your mind is well-flexed and primed for this sort of thinking.




Shout-logos spartan_m time-watch-typographic-logo-inspiration twins-typographic-logo-inspiration wordplay53


Pic sauce:


A kerning game

Kerning is the space between letters – “letter-spacing” for any CSS nerds.

There’s an art to getting kerning right in design. The aim is to achieve an even distribution between characters, but it’s not just about making all the spaces the same. The shape of the letter, way it’s slanted, serifs, etc. all affect the aesthetics. Maybe it’s better to say the aim is to achieve a harmonious distribution between letters.

Enjoy this game. Kern 10 words, post your score.


Personality mapping

This is one of my favourite games – it’s called a Johari window.

Start by picking 6 words that describe you; then you ask your friends to pick words that describe you. You end up with a model of how you see yourself vs how the world sees you.

This won’t fix layout and design issues, but I find it good exercise for thinking about the ‘us vs them’ gap – appreciating how you can pre-empt user perception with design, functionality and copywriting.

Album game

This design game comes courtesy of the Design kids.

  1. Visit Wikipedia with a random title search – that’s your band name
  2. Take the last few words from the first quote here – that’s your album title
  3. Grab the first image from flickr’s 7day page here – that’s your cover art
  4. Design your album cover


The eyeballing game

Another game for you guys. 🙂

The eyeballing game –

It’s a test of your spatial processing – how well you can ‘guess’ at lines and shapes using just your eyes and mouse hand.

The best designers I’ve known have super accurate, near pixel-perfect vision – they draw circles freehand, bisect angles without a protractor, tell you when a painting is crooked…

If you’re good at this game, I’m guessing you’re the sort who aligns beer coasters at the pub. 🙂