Little niceties about MailChimp’s new logo

The MailChimp email newsletter company got a new logo recently – Creative Bloq explains the designer’s attention to detail.

Interesting read; it’s nice to be able to see what the pros see.



Honour your trolls


Honour your trolls with the credit they deserve.

When a comment is marked as trolling, the comment appears in Comic Sans, lighter color and has a troll face next to the comment author.

via Little Big Details, which is an awesome blog full of cool ux things.

Thanks, @davempalmer, for the link!

Dyslexie – a font for dyslexics

Tl;dw –

Dyslexia causes the reader to see letters as real world objects, influenced by gravity, motion and mistaken identity (letters of the alphabet do look pretty similar!).

Working with this trait, the designers of Dyslexie use fat bottoms, longer necks and accentuated curves to make it easier for readers to recognise differences between letters.

When bad design happens to good content

A quick, short read on good practise for styling text:

And something more recent from Smashing that uses more big words:

When kerning goes bad

Recap: Kerning is the space between letters.

Bad kerning is not enough and/or too much space between letters.

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Img sauces:

Text tricks for when you cbf with design

The title is sort of misleading.

Making a site look good with just text is a form of design. And there are simple enough guidelines out there that we can easily take ‘programmer design’ to the next level.


  • Maintain strong colour contrast that’s easy on the eyes
  • Consider text size for readability
  • Use text size, alignment, colour and style to show content hierarchy
  • Include whitespace and negative space to draw attention to your text

A kerning game

Kerning is the space between letters – “letter-spacing” for any CSS nerds.

There’s an art to getting kerning right in design. The aim is to achieve an even distribution between characters, but it’s not just about making all the spaces the same. The shape of the letter, way it’s slanted, serifs, etc. all affect the aesthetics. Maybe it’s better to say the aim is to achieve a harmonious distribution between letters.

Enjoy this game. Kern 10 words, post your score.