UX research is actually cheap and accessible if you do it smart

Interesting quote on being practical about UX: (it’s in the video)

“For some reason, entrepreneurs love having arguments about what their product should be, even though they’re never convinced that they’re wrong – but they find it intellectually satisfying to win all these arguments cos founders always think they know what to do.

“The framework we need instead is to translate all of these opinion battles into empirical questions for testing. So let us discover which elements of our product are brilliant and which ones are wrong. Even if you’re 100% right about everything, let’s just double check – double check – that the world really does work the way that your business plan says.”

— Eric Ries

via Lean Startup Is Great UX Packaging (Smashing Magazine)

Tl;dr – Good UX research doesn’t have to be arduous and expensive. It’s just explained in a way that makes it seem so. DIY: Be empirical, validate your theories and the things you learn.


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