Better prototyping makes UX design less annoying in Agile development

True to life good advice or finely crafted advertorial for fourth generation prototyping tools? You decide.

Key points:

Prototyping is an ideal means of defining the requirements for an agile sprint, during which the development team transforms the prototype into working code.

…feeding a good prototype into each sprint means the UCD activity for a sprint must begin far in advance of that sprint—typically, at least three sprints ahead. Problems arise when a sprint’s prototypes don’t arrive on time, and the production line has to stop.

Sadly, many organizations … have very inefficient prototyping practices.

The solution is to move to … a fourth-generation prototyping tool (to) seamlessly handle all aspects of the prototyping activity, enable everyone to use the same software tools, provide support for multiple platforms, allow designers to embed specifications in prototypes (and) support multiuser prototyping.



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