Funny farm + clever logos

Funny Farm is a word association + lateral thinking puzzle game. Guess words, unlock tiles on the map. Collaboration is so recommended, you can even save your game and share/merge it with others’.

It’s done the rounds a couple times over the years, so if you gave up back then, here’s your second chance at being amazing. We played this at the last Design meeting – even with our party of 10, we didn’t get very far.

This kind of exercise can be a good workout for creativity. Logo design, for example, sometimes calls for wordplay or word association. Of course, then you have to translate it to visuals, which is another skillset entirely, but it helps if your mind is well-flexed and primed for this sort of thinking.




Shout-logos spartan_m time-watch-typographic-logo-inspiration twins-typographic-logo-inspiration wordplay53


Pic sauce:


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