If he started it, but you kept it going, you also started it.

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ToneCheck subverts the ‘cycle of amplification and reaction’, a known occurrence in communication psychology (third axiom, in case you’re interested) where we tend to believe our behaviour is simply a reaction to the other person’s behaviour (“he started it”). By limiting aggressive phrasing in emails, this software limits the chance of conversations escalating into a flame war.

Tone is a balancing act on our our websites – making our copy sit well between technical jargon and marketing-speak. If we sound too serious, we’d alienate people who aren’t familiar with the topic. If we’re too casual, we sound like we don’t care about our customers’ problems. If we’re too witty, we may come across as being insulting to someone’s intelligence. And SEO can go eat a poo.

We don’t always get this right, but it’s certainly front of mind – all we can do is keep trying. 🙂


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