Device-agnostic, responsive web design

I avoided ‘responsive design’ at first cos it totally sounded like an old thing repackaged.
Now I’ve looked into it more, I can say confidently that yes – it totally is.

If you’ve been webdeving for the last few years – optimizing for different resolutions, building mobile version stylesheets, etc. – you’re already in at ground level.

‘Responsive’ is just the executive floor upstairs where you do less work to achieve the same effect.

Responsive web stuff essentially works by combining fluid css (eg. percentage widths) with css media queries (“are you a 320px mobile screen or a giant fuckoff BenQ?”) to make a site layout adjust and ‘optimise’ itself automagically in whatever environment. Which means you’re not up all night redoing different versions of things every time a pixel sneezes.

I’m new to this too, so if you find any interesting responsive web things, please feel free to share!


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